Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will Always...

I will always want you...
we both know our love will never die, 
no matter what anyone else wants or says. 
I feel lost without you so often,
 yet strangely, 
because of you,
 I'm NOT lost anymore without you. 
You are a vital chapter in my life t
hat i've needed to go on reading past...
because my life and my family's lives, must go on.
 But you are always only a thought, 
a smile,
 a breath,
 a heartbeat away from me. 
What we say must be for always now, 
doesn't mean it always will mean the same thing a year, 2 years or 10 years from now.

You were my first love, and my last lover.

The space where we touched is sacred, 
and will lie dormant
 as my life goes on separate from, yet parallel to, yours, 
as I go on through and to new things...
and perhaps God willing,
 by chance of some miracle I refuse to stop believing in,
 life and love will lead us back to one another... someday. 
Then what is still together yet apart,
 will be whole again. 
Thank you for the gifts you unknowingly gave me sweetheart...
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