Thursday, January 6, 2011


Doing homework. Then baths. Then bed. I am utterly exhausted. Early day at the rehab tmrrw then his neurologist appt. He was walking with the assist of 2 in the hallway! Way to go babe. Hope ur new cold goes away.
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Visit with Danny tonight was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching .... Bitter sweet. God Bless you for staying by his side what would we do without you! Love Ya
January 5 at 9:29pm ·

Kathleen Quinn-Farber Oh stop it. I love him so much. I dont care if i have to sit by his side every minute. I just feel like i need to be there. I would hope he would do the same for me. I know he would as long as he was strong enough.
January 6 at 12:15am

Tuesday when I walked onto the brain injury unit I was met as soon as I turned the corner, by Danny! He was slumped between two little physical therapist girls, his arms squeezing around their necks and his hands and wrists secured by their hands so he couldn't fall. They were walking swiftly toward me, practically dragging him, and saying loudly, "Step Danny! Move your feet! Walk! Hold your head up!" As they neared me his eyes met mine just for an instant and one eyebrow went up, then he looked ahead of him again. At the end of the hall they told him to turn and the group of three about faced in unison and continued up the hall in the opposite direction. I hurriedly put my coat and things in his room and returned to the hall to watch. It was amazing. They were in fact dragging him while telling him to move his feet, and his stepping forward with each alternating foot was enough to force the strides to occur. They were kinda forceful with him...they didn't baby him. They sat him down and gave him a rest and then started all over again, from one end of the unit to the other in a big "U" shape, reminding him to keep picking his head up.
Wednesday it was all repeated. He was beginning to hold his trunk up just a little because the girls would say, "Come on Danny, hold yourself up! We aren't strong enough to carry you!" His striding was improving, but he was doing this weird thing where all the sudden his right foot would suddenly shoot out behind him and his whole body would try to twist in the direction they had just come from. The therapists were concerned it was some sort of dyskinesea, and I felt it was an extension of the same thing he was doing all the time in the wheelchair with his legs alternately going out over the sides. I asked him that evening if he knew why he was doing this and he said he didn't, nor could he stop himself from doing it. 

On Thursday the first care team update was given to me by care management. Danny had met or exceeded all the goals that were set for him on admission, and I was given a prospective release date of five weeks!! I began to think more about how it would be when he gets home and what things I might need or adaptations would have to be done to the house...

12hrs with danny. Im pretty worn out. Hes doin good walkin w help but i feel has some sort of Dyskinesia thats causing the involuntary movements and interfering w everything he does. The neuro appt is now for tues. He told me he doesnt know why he thrashes and can not control it. Hes so much calmer when im there n i hate leavin him
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 I am butterfly-bellied, full of happiness, anticipation, apprehension. So much 2 plan, think abt, and do. Dannys prospective release may be in 5 more weeks!
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Finally in bed n pooped. Have begun the process of visualizing where and what i wanna do downstairs to accommodate dannys return home. May need to place a hospital bed downstairs or better yet a pull out bed, for him until he gets ok with the steps up at night and back down in the morning. My wheels are perpetually turning. IlyD!