Monday, January 24, 2011


A Love Poem...
Monday, January 24, 2011 at 1:17am

I love the way my head comes to the point to softly rest,
on the part of you benieth your neck and lightly on your chest.
I love the way your whiskers tickle gently on my face
and brush with tenderness on every soft and tender place.
I love the way I tremble when you touch me with your hands,
that sweet forbidden passion only lovers understand.
I love the way you smile at me and court me with your eyes
the trust and honesty that makes me know there are no lies
I love to feel your warm breath all across my quivering skin
when I feel the urge to hold you,love you, deeply let you in.
I love our silly jokes and sayings, all our funny words
that help me just by recall when my day's become absurd
I love the most the feeling of your arms encircling me
protecting and reviving now the woman I can be
and when you lay me down so soft, and like a delicate rose
you make me part of you and you of me, from head to toes
I love the feelings that I get whenever you are near
you take away my anger and my bitterness and fear
replacing all that has been broke with something very new
Its why I love all pieces of the thing called me and you.
-Kathleen M. Quinn-Farber

I love and miss you so Danny. I dream of being together again at home...of being close. 
And its so real, 
that when I lie my hand on my tummy,
its your hand that I feel....
when I go to sleep, 
it is your eyes that are closing.  
Facebook on January 24 at 1:48am