Monday, January 17, 2011


jumpin in the shower and off to spend the day with Danny. Why does this guy and his many faceted personality, make me feel all funny inside and full of butterflies like a silly school girl??

 Im exhausted. All day on my feet walking lol. Dannys still on an emotional rollercoaster. I am too. 

Made it home n to work on time. Have phone calls to make today, firstly to speech therapy to see if they can approve danny for a liquids order. He cried for a drink all day yesterday and his urine output was very little for me all day yest. Also need to call ppnl, insurance, n maximus 2 check status of our waiver for home health.

Danny had a rough day today. Is starting to go thru the next normal phase which is anger n agitation...the most difficult 4 families 2 see, understand n accept. I know he must be so frightened waking up in what feels like a different mind n body 2 him. Im headin down early in the morning.

Danny has me tired out n aching. Can only imagine how tired HE must be. seems a tad more confused but stayed mostly calm. He told the nurse im his miss america. How sweet is that?

Sunday when I got there Harold pulled me aside and told me that it wouldn't be a good idea to let Danny watch me leave from the window anymore. He said Danny cried like a baby for over an hour and was inconsolable :-(
Monday I requested Danny be evaluated again for liquids by speech, but they said he still "coughed" a bit with liquids and so he couldn't be cleared yet. It was getting to all of us in the family...the begging for a drink. He filled a rubber glove at the sink in his room even and tried to drink from it. I was helping him brush his teeth each day and was impressed that he would rinse his mouth with water from the cup afterward and not drink it, but Monday he looked me right in the eye, and down the hatch it went. Poor guy. I didn't blame him. He didn't choke or even clear his throat either.
He was still having crying jags, and more often. I hoped this would pass. It made my heart ache so. He also was getting agitated and angry at times...not real bad, but enough to be upsetting. Where he had been incontinent, he was now making it to the bathroom at least 50-70% of the time, but was easily frustrated when I tried to help him with his hygiene. Other times he apologized profusely to me for me having to help him.   He had dressings and protective pads on his arms and legs from all the moving in bed, which had created rubbed and raw sore places everywhere, especially on his elbows, ankles and knees. He was sleeping just slightly better at night, but while awake tossed and turned and scooted all over. I took to climbing right in bed with him to try to keep him still and situated until he could fall asleep at night. I was so truly was like wrestling an alligator!
to see him up and standing, walking, talking. He was what a miracle looks like!!!