Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Oh how i wish i hadnt started this project! Danny you need to be here to tell me what all these spliced wires with totally too much tape wrapped around contraptions are. Omg! And all these gadgets. Babe you can manage to drive me nuts even from the hospital! God i love you for always making me smile lol!

OCD...for Danny it was and is a torturous disorder. Over the past 2 years I had lost count of the items in the house...electrical things, vacuum cleaner, electronics, car parts...that he started off well with fixing, but then could not stop perfecting, adjusting and redoing until the project was a shambles and needing to be thrown away. Thank heavens for my sense of humor and patience. Others in the house usually were angered by these antics, but I approached with the attitude of "how important is it?" LOL... I used to imagine all of it like it was a scene from a situation comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond being my favorite. One habit I had little patience with though, was that he was ALWAYS late. We had alot of appointments with his psych dr and therapist, and he never could get outta the bathroom. He'd be involved in a tedious oral hygiene regimen, or decide to detail his hair, even recut it at times...and picking out clothes, getting dressed and wrinkle-free took forever too. I'd be out in the car beeping, in and out of the house yelling for him. AARRGGGGHHH!!!!!  Getting him out of a store was a nightmare too...smelling all the scents of fabric softeners, shampoos or colognes...or reading labels. God I loved him to death, but I came close to killing him alot.
Cleaning my bedroom I came across several "gadgets" he had been working on, consisting of wires and plugs and I don't know what!! Things that a twirl or two of electrical  tape would have sufficed holding...wrapped over and over until they were three times their size. Seeing those things and holding them in my hands made me miss him terribly...even made me miss those ridiculous behaviors.
He was a quirky piece of work for sure...but MAN did I love him!!