Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec. 8th...coming around??

I spent the afternoon on Tuesday with Danny. Nothing changing. Nothing getting worse either though. I stayed over Tuesday night in his room, in a chair next to his bed, with my hands around his hand and my head on his arm. It felt so good to at least be close all night, and I could almost pretend everything was fine and we were alone at home in bed. Of course the lights were on, but at least more dim, and that rhythmic awful ventilator sound with its constant wasn't conducive to sleep, but I was too afraid anyway that something would either go horribly wrong while I slept, OR that he would wake and stir, or move, or open his eyes, and I didn't want to miss that I dozed on and off, looking at him often, staring intently to try to see a flicker of life, watching the hours drift past us, and praying and trying to send strength and energy into him.

In the morning I went to the cafeteria and forced myself to eat. When I walked back into Danny's room, his head was turned to the right a bit!! I was sooo excited! His hands were unclenched as well! The nurse came in and did her neuro-check, yelling his name and saying "Open your eyes!" Nothing. No response to pain either. But he moved and that was all I needed for just one day! I had to get to Barb's to shower and spend some time with Nick. I came back later around supper time to find the cerebral pressure gauge removed! And the nurses told me he was moving his arms and legs just a little bit! And they said he opened his eyes on command. He wouldn't do it while I was there, or even when the nurses told ME to yell his name. But he received pain medicine, and so was most likely sedated again. He did squeeze my hand a whole bunch of times while I was talking to him though! I was so happy!

was at the hospital all night n slept alittle. This AM it looks as though Danny MAY b moving more...his hands are relaxed n not in the normal clenched position of coma anymore n they were resting over his groin area. His head was also turned way to the side and he is coughing more on his own. EEG results n removal of cerebral pressure guage from his skull today, trach and G-tube insertion tomorrow.
Facebook on December 8, 2010 at 9:29am

Before i got back here today danny was moving all extremities and opened his eyes on command!! They think hes coming out of it! God bless all of you who have been praying. Please dont stop! 

left the hospital at 9pm...promised Nick id sleep with him here at Barbs tonight. Will be back at hospital in morning. Im feeling happy n hopeful, I know Danny will eventually be back home with us...
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Lorrie L Leickel- Koch Glad things are looking up! did he open his eyes for you today?
December 9, 2010 at 12:17am

Kathleen Quinn-Farber just for the nurse cuz they had stopped his pain med for a bit, but they gave him some before i got there. he was squeezing the hell outta my hands tho when i talked and joked with him
December 9, 2010 at 12:19am

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